Publishers' free homeschooling resources for parents

Publishers' free homeschooling resources for parents

Since schools officially closed to the majority of children on Monday 23rd March publishers have started releasing teaching resources for parents to use when they are homeschooling. 

美女自卫慰黄网站There have been plenty of free learning resources and activities popping up, perhaps most famously 's daily PE lessons on Instagram. Publishers, literacy charities and literature festivals have joined the trend by providing activity packs and work sheets which are based around books and characters. 

美女自卫慰黄网站Scallywag Press is one of the indie publishers that has put together teaching resources focused around its titles. Publisher Sarah Pakenham said: "At Scallywag we've always wanted to provide resources to help readers develop discussion, and have fun at the same time. The current need for such resources has made us accelerate this process, and our authors have produced all sorts of entertaining and thought provoking pieces from simple activities to lesson plans overseen by educators. We'd like as many people as possible to download these for free, get more out of the books, and get creative!"

Pearson c.e.o said: "It’s more important than ever that learning continues, even if it can’t happen in person. Learners, teachers and families are at the heart of everything Pearson does. If we band together, we can all do our part to keep learning going and ease the burden of this unprecedented time.”

Free learning resources:

Bonnier Books UK
美女自卫慰黄网站 The children's team have created a free resource hub where all the latest teaching and learning resources and activities are free to download. In addition, they have revised their permissions process to allow recorded conent which shares their titles temporarily from 26th March - 30th Spetemeber, with the aim of helping and supporting teachers. 

has a huge resources archive! Categorised as three to five years, primary and secondary, there is something for all the children in a household. The database has times tables practice, free GCSE practice papers, simple activity sheets, as well as guides on how to improve your children's mental health. Collins also has specific guides for the . 

美女自卫慰黄网站 DK has launched a new which brings together the best content, authors and experts from across its publishing list. The hub offers resources for people of all ages, with a focus on home learning tasks for children. There is also advice for parents needing help with school work, activity packs, batch cooking recipes and exercise tips to download. In addition, DK will be launching daily videos on using the hashtag #EverydaywithDK featuring top authors including Carol Vorderman, Professor Robert Winston, Lucy Wyndham-Read, Chris Bavin, Huw Richards and Jess French, plus education experts from DK’s extensive children’s list, will be sharing home learning videos, family fun activities, cook alongs, exercises and gardening ideas to keep people motivated and inspired during this challenging time.

美女自卫慰黄网站 has a huge teachers' and librarians' resource database ranging from pre-school to KS4. Activities include lesson plans and activity sheets! 

Fiction Express
is an interacive reading platform for schools and teachers. During the pandemic, teachers are able to to share with their students. The free trial will give students the opportunity to read new books and work on various activities from home. A tracking and evaluating system for the results allows teachers to monitor what their students are reading and achieving from a distance.

HarperCollins Children's Books has announced its new initiatives to help children and families stuck at home.  is an online interactive hub where readers can find book recommendations for young readers, as well as free activities.

美女自卫慰黄网站HarperCollins authors and illlustrators are also getting involved with their own initiatives. David Walliams is releasing a free audio story every day, as well as a wide selection of quizzes and activities on . Rob Biddulph is sharing # videos twice a week on social media to encourage children to draw and keep themselves entertained. Finally, Oliver Jeffers is producing a #StayAtHomeStorytime where he will read one of his books every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and talk about how they were made. They will be read at 6pm on his and then uploaded to .  

Hay Festival
has granted free access to its programme for schools. Parents and Children are able to watch authors who have peformed at Hay for the last three years. There are 55 events available to watch with authors including Ade Adepitan, David Baddiel Gemma Cairney, Eoin Colfer, Julian Clary and Andy Stanton. The Hay Festival Programme for Schools is sponsored by Welsh Government and the Hay Festival Foundation. 

美女自卫慰黄网站Hay also has the initiative ,  which is a series of short films on Youtube for A-Level and GCSE students. Videos include talks by David Crystal on Language Acquisition, Marcus du Sautoy on Algebra, Shahidha Bari on the Romantic Ballads and hundreds more three minute lessons on subjects from rocket science to Antarctic melt and Romeo & Juliet.

Jolly Learning
already has a huge online bank of resources include activity sheets and music. Jolly Learning has been working hard to produce extra work sheets for phonics escpecially, to help those who are organising. They post all new sheets to a . 

Little, Brown
The  already has a huge supply of online learning and teaching resources. Including author essays, podcasts, videos and educator guides. 

After seeing a "significant uplift" in the use of its online resources, committed to making an array of its digital tools, services and and resources available to students, educators and parents around the world affected by school, college and university closures. In the UK, that includes free subscriptions to literacy and numeracy resources for primary schools, free access for parents to Carol Vorderman’s The Maths Factor and subscriptions to e-books and content to secondary schools supporting GCSE, A Level and BTEC qualifications. Read the full story here

美女自卫慰黄网站 ReadingZone is deisgned to help parents find the right books for their children. The site has extracts from and books. They have also recently launched a book club on  for everyone to access when they are at home! 

Room to Read
Room to Read is a global non-profit orgnisation focused on children's literacy and girls' education. The organisation are releasing hundreds of books online for free during the school closures, through its online platform . 

Scallywag Press
美女自卫慰黄网站 has a number of free resources on their website for lots of different books. Each book has its own resources such as colouring sheets, activity pages and teacher notes! Some also have video content. 

Stratford Literary Festival
美女自卫慰黄网站 The festival has launched a free full of video content aimed at young children and parents who are at home. The videos featire Jeanne Willis, Rob Biddulph, Sarah McIntyre and Lydia Monks. Videos vary from readings to activities. 

美女自卫慰黄网站 has lots of resources designed for teachers but they can also be used as homeschooling resources. There are dozens of books on the website, including books about mental health and wellbeing. 

 has opened its resource database of online learning solutions to institutions. Teachers and instructors can request free acess for their students via an . For current WileyPLUS and Knewton Alta instructors, customer success specialists are equipped to provide additional support, including extension of due dates, adjusting assignments or increasing the capacity to work remotely. 

Wizarding World and J.K. Rowling
美女自卫慰黄网站 J K Rowling and her Wizarding World partners have announced three new initiatives under the banner Harry Potter At Home, to help children, parents, carers and teachers who are at home during the coronavirus outbreak. First, the hub, hosted on will have activities and resources that are free to use.

Throughout April, the audiobook and ebook of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone will be free to download. Audible are providing the audiobook as part of its collection, and will provide the ebook as part of its online library. 

Read the full story and details here

J K Rowling has also granted a temporary  to enable teachers to record and post videos of themselves reading Harry Potter books aloud to their classes and school networks.